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3. In-person meeting: 1.-4.2.2024

What an incredible way to kick off the new year! 🎉 Last week, our interdisciplinary #MiM2M team gathered in the picturesque landscapes of Stellenbosch, South Africa. Team members from China, Romania, Germany and the Netherlands met with our South African colleagues surrounded by vineyards and mountains ⛰. A huge thank you to our exceptional hosts Swartz Leslie, Asithandile Nozewu, Rowan Madzamba, Christine Anthonissen, Warona Mateane and Kitso Setswe from Stellenbosch University and the entire team at Mont Fleur – your hospitality made our experience truly unforgettable 🙏.

During our four-day meeting, we shared insights and experiences regarding language issues related to migration from our diverse contexts. While discussing country-specific challenges, we recognized how our team's diversity helps with the research we are doing. The results of our discussions form the basis for collaborative efforts to enhance equity and accessibility of mental health care globally. We are looking forward to a meaningful collaboration and impactful research this year!


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